Smile Designing

We all know that Smile is a person’s ability to express a range of emotions with the structure and movement of the teeth and lips, can often determine how well a person can function in society.
But are you losing confidence and peace of mind because of various oral problems like tooth decaying, tooth loosening, bacterial plaque, weak gums etc.
If Yes, Smile design treatment is specially recommended for those who suffer from these oral problems.

At Farzan Salim Shaikh Dental Care, Smile Designing is an elective dental procedure that is carried out as per the patient’s requirement

Visit Farzan Salim Shaikh Dental Clinic, we provide comprehensive dental care with the specialized focus on advanced, pain free surgical procedures.

Dr. Farzan Salim Shaikh and team are specialized in the field including Root Canal Treatment, Crowns & Bridges, Teeth Alignment, Braces, Smile Designing, Cosmetic Treatments & Dental Implants.

Smile Designing at Farzan Salim Shaikh's Dental CAre

Smile Designing at Farzan Salim shaikh's Dental Care


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