Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is always better than cure and when it comes to dental care, preventive dentistry is the best shot every individual has, at protecting their teeth. The main aim of our dental team is to help you sustain a healthy mouth and get rid of any decay and gum disease at beginning stages itself. Ideally, being proactive with dental habits might help you prevent decay altogether!

At our centre, preventive dentists recommend treatments, which can help strengthen the patient’s tooth and make sure that it remains healthy. Here are a few tips we offer, based on the dental condition of each patient:

Preventive dentistry for children is very crucial, as habits inculcated at a young age tend to stay with them for a lifetime! Our dentists encourage routine checkups, teeth cleaning and provide simple tips to ensure good oral hygiene. Our team of dentists will show you the best way to maintain an excellent oral hygiene. We help patient understand the importance of teeth brushing, flossing, inter dental cleaning and other methods to maintain oral hygiene.

We understand the patient's existing dietary and cleansing habits and provide customised solution on improvisation to maintain good oral hygiene.

We also thoroughly check for any gum inflammation or teeth decays and make sure that any previously performed dental procedures, like fillings or crowns, are in good condition.

We advise timely supervision of patient’s teeth and gums and regular appointments for cleaning and ensure that the dental problems are kept minimal.

We diagnose early developmental dental and skeletal deformities in growing children and help prevent forming traumatic bite, cavities, gum disease, abnormal teeth positioning etc.

It is so very important to regularly clean your teeth and gums in a professional way by a dentist, thereby helping your teeth and gums free from plaque,tartar and reducing risk of forming cavities and gums swelling. The more the time interval between the cleaning ,the higher the chances of early dental disease going unnoticed.

Dental Tips by Farzan Salim Shaikh


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